What is the address of the theater?
​The Laemmle in Santa Clarita. Address is (22500 Lyons Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91321)
Do you have an exact time for my film’s screening.
We can’t give you an exact time. That is why we give you a screening block.
Can my film can be moved to a different time.
You spoke and we listened! We had a very competitive year and tried to get in as many films into the festival as possible to give all of you a voice. However, that means we have a packed schedule and we cannot make changes to our schedule at this time.
Are there any other festival events aimed at filmmakers they should be aware of and participate in?
We have a filmmakers lounge on the roof deck of the Laemmle which will be available Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We have a party on Friday at the American Legion Hall (located behind the Newhall Library) and a party on Saturday in the space where we are having the music and comedy programs (22600 Lyons Ave, Newhall)
Will there be a time for filmmakers to meet and socialize?
A film festival should always be a time for networking and socializing. We highly encourage you to talk amongst yourselves and network. However, other than the roof deck, and the two parties listed above we have no formal networking events.
When is the party and how long will it go for?
We have two parties. One is on Friday after our variety show at the American Legion Hall (located behind the Newhall Library). The Friday party starts at 10pm. Our Saturday “House Party” in the space where we are having the music and comedy programs (22600 Lyons Ave, Newhall). It starts at 9:00pm and goes until 1am.
Will there be a red carpet?
Yes we will have a step and repeat in the lobby of the Laemmle. However we will only have a professional photographer for opening night and during the closing ceremonies.
Do filmmakers get free tickets and/or festival passes, or do they need to buy them, even for their own screenings?
Each ONSITE film gets two free tickets to their respective screening. Come to the registration desk when you get to the theater and we will give them to two representatives of your films
Do we need to buy tickets for the whole day on which the film is screening or for just the block it’s in?
If you want a day pass or festival pass or any other tickets that are not associated with your screening then you would have to purchase that. Every onsite film only gets two free tickets for representatives.
Will there be Q&A’s after each film? How do the filmmakers participate in one? Do they have to sign up or coordinate with us? Can the cast be a part of Q&A’s?
Yes we will have a Q&A at the end of every screening block. No need to sign up. We will make sure that you are called down. And yes the cast can be part of the Q&A however we ask that you limit the amount of representatives to no more than five so that we can make sure that we get through all the films and they all get time to speak about their journey.
Where can I find the laurels
Pleas download your laurels here. We will be creating “winner” laurels after the festival. https://filmfreeway.com/SCIFF